Hyrule Historia is the story campaign of Hyrule Conquest, composed of linear Missions interspersed with animated cutscenes.

Ancient Age (10000 BG - 3000 BG)

The Ancient Era takes place many centuries before the rise of Ganon and the birth of the first Princess Zelda. This part of the Hyrule Historia campaign follows the fledgeling Kingdom of Akkala as they battle a power-hungry Sage, crusading Darknuts, and the Moblin deity known as Demise. The fate of Ikana and the origin of Hylia is also revealed.

Name Description Map Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
The Fallen Sage (3000 BG) Akkala Citadel



Windbreaker (2994 BG) Tarm Ruins


Wind Tribe

Kingdom of Ikana

Darknut Legion
Torn Asunder (2993 BG) Ikana

Kingdom of Ikana

Church of Majora

Kingdom of Ikana

Kingdom of Ikana

Garo Ninjas

Demise of a Goddess (2982 BG) Demise Akkala Moblins

Rise of Ganon (1 BG - 1 AG)

Name Description Map Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4
Ganon's Gambit (1 BG) Hyrule Field Moblins Kingdom of Hyrule
Unearthing Shadows Shadow Temple Stalfos
Power Play Zunayus
Triumph of the Moblin Hyrule Prime Kingdom of Hyrule
Royal Retreat Hyrule Prime Moblins
On Thin Ice Snowpeak Manor Moblins
Ganon's Wish (0 AG) Fire Temple
Dark Interlopers (1 AG) Hylia Marine Gerudo Fairies of Tarm

The Realm of Twilight

Name Description Map Team 1 Team 2
Prison Break Valran Midna's Exiled
There Once was a Great Fairy Elmenzhia Dynasty of Mizorant Fairies of Twilight
The Trial of Zant Uzu Dynasty of Mizorant
Usurper Palace of Twilight Dynasty of Mizorant Midna's Exiled

Gerudo Wars (98 AG - 103 AG)

Name Description Map Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Ordonian Omen (98 AG) Nal Ordona Stalfos
The Fall of Hyrule (99 AG) Hyrule Prime Kingdom of Hyrule
Resurgence (100 AG) Deku Tree's Grove Kokiri Gohma
Forest Fire (101 AG) Kokiri Forest Gohma
Flame Pact (100 AG) Dodongo's Cavern Gorons Zora Dominion Hyrule
Death Mountain Defense (101 AG) Gor Forgaru Gorons Zora Dominion
Aqua Mortem Domain Prime
Agahnim's Descent (102 AG) Hyrule Prime
Confronting Ganondorf Ashinon Kingdom of Hyrule Gerudo Hyrule
The Crime of Idols (103 AG) Ontheon

The Return of Sulkaris (126 - 127 AG)

Name Description Map Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team 6
Of Princess and Portents (126 AG) In the decade following the Gerudo Wars, the fifth Princess Zelda, Tetralyna Nohansen, was born. Throughout her life she witnessed powerful and confusing dreams that would cause her to burn up. Little did she know the gift of foresight was blessed to her, and on the morning following a prophetic vision the ancient Gohma spring from hiding and assault the Kingdom. Malkariko
The Blight Awakens Kanokiri Gohma Kokiri
Shattered Sanctuary Palagard's Sanctuary Gohma
Consuming Airu Airu Gohma Lanayru Province
The Knight in Green Vigjaro Gohma
Seeds of Conspiracy Vigjaro Glade Kingdom of Hyrule
A Vision of Ice and Fire Vigjaro Bluff
Day of the Arachnids Panacle Cove Gohma Hyrule
To Kill a Sage Greshou Gohma
The Cleansing Gohma Oocca
Escape from Death Mountain  Gorons Gohma Oocca Silent Ones Kovalians Evaleen
Unholy Alliance (127 AG) Oocca
Skyfall. Oocca Gohma
Sulkaris Showdown Gohma
The Covenant Gohma

Manifest Destiny

Name Description Map Team 1 Team 2

Hyrule in Chaos

Name Description Map Team 1 Team 2

A Tale of Two Swords

Name Description Map Team 1 Team 2

Great Sea

Name Description Map Team 1 Team 2


Name Description Map Team 1 Team 2


Name Description Map Team 1 Team 2
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