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Welcome, the Hyrule Conquest wiki is a community where people can update information on the mod Hyrule Conquest and also chat about the game. There are currently 3,095 pages on this wiki and we are still growing.
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This wiki is about Hyrule Conquest, a mod for the Pyrogenesis Engine used by 0 A.D.,created by Chasen Lindsey. The mod's development forums can be found here.

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While it is fine for you to edit as an anonymous user, we would prefer if you made an account. Some of the more major pages on this wiki include: Hyrule Conquest and Factions, use these pages as a great way to start as they link to many other pages.

If you need help on this wiki you should go to an Admin for help, here is a list of Admins. For new editors who would like to know where information belongs, consult Help:Canon.

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