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Welcome, the Hyrule Conquest wiki is a community where people can update information on the mod Hyrule Conquest and also chat about the game. There are currently 1,564 pages on this wiki and we are still growing.

NOTE: Hi all, if you've frequented the HC Patron or Public Discord, or indeed really anything talking about the lore of Hyrule Conquest, you've probably picked up that Neph's ideas for the story, both that already written down and that yet to be written, have changed quite radically since 2011 or even 2017. It's been pretty obvious that the plot of HC has been subject to massive "retcons" or rewritings over development, and a lot of information on the wiki, TVtropes, old cinematics is no longer exactly "canon." Even the plot structure of Hyrule Historia, the campaign cinematics on youtube, will likely be subject to radical rewriting. Due to this, consider basically anything and everything prior to this moment potentially noncanon. Character arcs, lore points, even the timeline and languages.

This has been a long time coming, as neph really didn't like the established storyline he has made, and while such a radical redo is certainly "unorthodox," it's ultimately his story to change as he wills, so keep that in mind. I'll be asking neph and deox to figure out what exactly is still "canon" over time, and until a coherent picture crystallizes, will be largely scrubbing the wiki, and unable to really answer lore question - really, direct any lore stuff, as well as reeing, to Neph, or possibly Deox, because even "insider" knowledge is outdated.

If you see anything removed by neph, deox, angelfalls, codeman, myself, ect from the wiki our other sources, please don't undo the changes thinking it was accidental or a troll, likewise, please don't readd any defunct lore to pages. Things will probably be more stable on a mechanical and gameplay level, Neph likely isn't going to go on a mad quest to redo all the factions, at least yet. So, think of it this way, the Kokiri Mudman unit will likely still be around and unchanged, but the lore blurb for the mudman might change. -Darkinterloper

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This wiki is about Hyrule Conquest, a mod for the Pyrogenesis Engine used by 0 A.D., created by Chasen Lindsey. The mod's development forums can be found here.

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