House Rhoam is a powerful and ancient Hylian noble family that has been part of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Hyrule since the Hylian Civil War.


One of the royal dynasties that initially did not take part in the Hyrulean Civil War but eventually vyed for power near its end. Long after King Gustaf was removed the Rhoams worked with the Picori to end the civil war. This ended up being a pretence, and the Rhoams turned on the Piccori in their bid for the throne. King Rhoam I was then killed in his sleep by a vengeful Minish shortly after securing kingship over the Hylians, and their dynasty remained crippled for several centuries. There is a long-running belief that the Rhoam Dynasty is cursed as almost every Rhoam that has held the throne has been killed and nearly lost the kingdom in the process. The Rhoam Dynasty originated the southern reaches of Hyrule, most likely in the area between Lake Hylia and the Kokiri Forest. The Rhoam family crest is the head of a unicorn, while their family colors are Sky Blue and Gold.

Known Members

Reign Name Addendum
2992 BG Falus Rhoam I
None Seri Onkled adopted
None Blynne Rhoam Glo I
1773 - 1757 BG Zordo Rhoam Glo II
None Mali Rhoam Rhodjria
1581 - 1568 BG Phanna Rhoam Baldra
None Linkos Harkinian Bal adopted
1568 - 1560 BG Sayge Rhoam Gorotholos
None Habria Daltus Whod III adopted
None Los Rhoam Bosophradi
None Vlaga Rhoam Yodrophorus
None Morwo Rhoam Yosphorus
207 - 203 BG Hanhond Rhoam Arcad
None Eldinbrad Nohansen Valkariko adopted
None Yammer Rhoam Trophoramus
None Miphraru Rhoam Drodaramus
25 BG - 0 AG Sil Rhoam Bosphoramus
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