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House Nohansen, known as the Lords of the Lake, is a powerful and ancient Hylian noble family that has been part of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Hyrule since the Akkalan Civil War. The Nohansens claim to be descended from the legendary hero Nohan.


The second dynasty to have been seated on the throne of Hyrule since its founding, the Nohansens were largely responsible for murdering King Gustaf and sparking the Akkalan Civil War. Because of this event, the bad blood between both dynasties was immediate and Nohansens took every measure possible to eliminate the Gustafs despite more active threats from other families. The Nohansen family also took a very pro-Akkalan stance during the civil war, wanting nothing to do with the traditional allied states of Wind Tribe, Picori and Huskus. After Hylia ended the civil wars and united the Hylian people, she held favor for the Nohansens and kept them instated on the throne. In the three thousand-year history of the Kingdom they have been seated on the throne longer than any other family, and have invited many princes and princesses from the other dynasties to intermarry. The Nohansen family traces their roots to ancient villages along the northwest coast of Lake Hylia, and were likely the original inhabitants of Hyrule Field. The Nohansen family crest is a stylized red beak Swan of Lake Hylia, which has remained the design of the royal crown for nearly three thousand years. The family colors of the Nohansens were Violet and Gold.

The Nohansen Crown

Known Members

Reign Name Addendum
c. 3501 BG Thorol Nohansen
? - 2992 BG Aodin Nohansen
2992 - 2989, 2982-2971 BG Baolin Nohansen I
2989 - 2982 BG Hylia Nohansen
None Media Harkinian adopted
None Yanera Nohansen
None Selatal Nohansen
2671 - 2590 BG Veras Nohansen II
None Calo Daltus adopted
2590 - 2487 BG Nayras Nohansen III
None Odos Kiro adopted
2487 - 2384 BG Ahgi Nohansen IV
None Talus Daltus adopted
2384 - 2287 BG Rhogim Nohansen V
None Shivos Daltus adopted
None Rhohando Nohansen Glad
1757 - 1661 BG Yammo Nohansen Tal I
None Druj Harkinian Soth adopted
1661 - 1585 BG Parcy Nohansen Tal II
None Mali Rhoam Rhodjria adopted
1416 - 1374 BG Valin Nohansen
None Nubro Stylas adopted
1374 - 1296 BG Tye Nohansen Gallo
None Gladia Harkinian Damlal adopted
1112 - 958 BG Sorelia Nohansen Coryno
958 - 887 BG Joute Nohansen Bado
None Bledan Nohansen Coryo
None Lyna Daltus du Naloro adopted
None Ylelda Nohansen Dug
681 - 634 BG Traysi Nohansen Maypin I
None Harko Daltus Pladis adopted
634 - 577 BG Gamethos Nohansen Maypin II
None Vlada Rhoam Yodrophorus adopted
577 - 542 BG Groli Nohansen Maypin III
None Mentus of Arcadia adopted
542 - 488 BG Jada Nohansen Fon I
None Groodo Harkinian Catabaln adopted
488 - 460 BG Mubs Nohansen Fon II
None Ban Daltus du Lanayru adopted
460 - 399 BG Meeshy Nohansen Yaneros
None Lohd Daltus Cane adopted
399 - 350 BG Yor Nohansen Kadi
None Land Harkinian Fuxlorus adopted
None Bo Nohansen Credo
None Livi Nohansen Seshei II
252 - 207 BG Dmitri Nohansen Dvala
None Morwo Rhoam Yosporus adopted
None Eldinbrad Nohansen Valkariko
202 - 160 BG Canolo Nohansen Botrick I
None Golin Morada adopted
160 - 141 BG Armes Nohansen Botrick II
None Kor Harkinian the Galavant adopted
141 - 93 BG Zyle Nohansen Botrick III
93 - 51 Agus Nohansen Kand
None Yammer Rhoam Throporomus adopted
51 - 25 BG Syin Nohansen Hildro I
None Ariane Nohansen Hildro II
0 - 47 AG Nylin Nohansen Zelda I
47 - 50 AG Baumaron Arthon adopted
50 - 73 AG Yanera Nohansen Zelda II
73 - 85 AG Rion Atrinas adopted
85 - 99 AG Mahralla Nohansen Zelda III
99 - 101 AG Agahnim adopted
101 - 126 AG Oraiya Nohansen Zelda IV
126 - 129 AG Daphnes Nohansen Kazakk adopted
130 - 133 AG Tetralyna Nohansen Zelda V
133 AG onward Link Gustaf II adopted