House Morada is a minor Hylian noble family ruling over the western part of Hyrule Field from the settlement of Naldoriko. Its sigil is a crow and hawk circling each other. House Morada is infamous for its failed Rebellion against Princess Nylin Nohansen Zelda I.


First Golden Age

Before the Rise of Ganon, House Morada ruled much of western Hyrule Field, with Houses Ayron and Aquame as its neighbors. House Morada ruled from the city Naldoriko, which was founded by the Sheikah Naldori Clan, House and was famed for its large army of heavy knights. Morada was closely tied to House Rhoam.

Rise of Ganon

As the Blins invaded Hyrule, House Morada, with its massive army, was rallied to the banner of King Sil Rhoam Bosphoramus, and lost many of its knights and lands to the Moblins. Despite its losses, it retained one of the largest standing armies in the Kingdom.

First Golden Age

After the end of the war in 2 AG, Princess Nylin Nohansen Zelda I denied the rightful claim to the throne by her cousin, Maud Rhoam Styla I, exiling her from the Kingdom of Hyrule. In response, Lord Morada rebelled, declaring in support of Maud. Nylin responded by threatening to sack Naldoriko, which led Morada's family to betray him, surrendering the city. Lord Morada was executed, but House Morada was spared and allowed to retain their title and lands, in echange for fealty to House Nohansen.

Gerudo Wars

In 98 AG, the Gerudo and their Darknut Legion allies invaded Hyrule through both the south via Ordona Province, as well as the gap through the Moruge Mountains near Yarna. House Ayron was caught by surprse and completely annihilated, and Houses Soth and Morada were devasted. Morada was reduced to a fraction of its former power, though it retains enough wealth to host a small standing army in support of House Nohansen.


  • The name of House Morada and their rebellion against Nylin Nohansen Zelda I is based on a cut rebel lord from early versions of Hyrule: Total War of the same name.
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