House Gustaf is a powerful and ancient Hylian noble family that was responsible for founding the Kingdom of Akkala before being driven into exile to Calatia.


The dynasty of Gustaf formally established the Kingdom of Hyrule out of the Akkalan people and were the first line in the royal family at its founding. King Gustaf took the throne, popular for his defeat of Sulkaris and participated in several wars against the Darknut Legion. In less than a decade he was murdered and supplanted by the Nohansen Dynasty, starting the brief but bloody Hylian Civil War. Unbeknownst to the population at large King Gustaf had a secret affair with Queen Siroc of the Wind Tribe, fathering several children who fled to the Calatian mountain range in the North of the Gerudo Desert. History recorded the dynasty of Gustaf excint, but his descendants live on in the small city state of Calatia. The crest of the Gustaf dynasty is a stylized Thunder Eagle of Lake Illumeni carrying the Triforce, a mythical being being have said to have the power of resurrecting itself long after death. Despite Gustaf's extremely short reign over the Kingdom, his crest has become the symbol for the unified kingdom with minor alterations (such as the eagle wings being replaced with Nohansen's swan wings). The Gustaf family originated from the Tabantha region near Mount Hebra, and were responsible for the construction of Snowpeak Manor. The family colors of House Gustaf are Gold and Red.

Known Members

Reign Name Addendum
3000 - 2292 BG Rhoaban Gustaf I
Siroc adopted
Arn Gustaf
Seline Gustaf
133 AG onward Link Gustaf II
Tetralyna Nohansen Zelda V adopted
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