House Daltus, known as the Lords of Lanayru, is a powerful and ancient Hylian noble family that has been part of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Hyrule since the Akkalan Civil War.


House Daltus were the smallest family or Akkalans during the outbreak of the Hylian Civil War and had many ties with the Nohansens. It's a popular legend that the assassin of King Gustaf was in fact a member of the Daltus family that the Nohansens took credit for. Whatever the case, both House Nohansen and Daltus remained allied through most of the Hylian Civil war until near its end when King Daltus I attempted to usurp the throne along with the other remaining families. In more modern times the Daltus family has all but vanished, almost all of their lines absorbed through marriage into the Nohansen family or Zora nobility. This family seems to have originated from the Lanayru Coast as well as the areas to the east and were likely responsible for the construction (or at least the funding) of Akkala Citadel itself. The Daltus family crest is a Rupee, likely originating from their status as bankers in Akkala. The Daltus family colors are Gray and Gold.

Known Members

Reign Name Addendum
2992 - 2991 BG Yom Daltus I
None Calo Daltus III
None Talus Daltus VI
None Shivos Daltus
2287 - 2190 BG Kahr Daltus Korridai I
None Norb Harkinian adopted
2190 -2091 BG Kahr Daltus Korridai I
None Rhohando Nohansen Glad adopted
2091 - 2048 BG Tuft Daltus Yettu I
None Corido Athos I adopted
None Korgo Daltus
1861 - 1774 BG Azila Daltus Yettu III
None Blynne Rhoam Glo I adopted
None Habria Daltus Whod III
None Mal Daltus Re I
1184 - 1113 BG Canod Daltus Re II
None Bledan Nohansen Coryo II adopted
None Lyna Daltus du Naloro
886 - 839 BG Traysi Daltus Kanamar I
None Artho Kalibir adopted
839 - 771 BG Damda Daltus Kanamar II
None Harkinivos Harkinian Felltom III adopted
771 - 727 BG Onya Daltus Worten I
None Los Rhoam Bosophradi adopted
727 - 682 BG Warten Daltus Worten II
None Ylelda Nohansen Dug adopted
None Ban Daltus du Lanayru II
None Lohd Daltus Cade
None Casva Daltus du Lanayru VI


  • The name "Korridai" is a reference to the the main setting of Link: Faces of Evil.
  • The family name "Daltus" is a reference to King Daltus from the Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap.
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