House Arcad is a minor Hylian noble family ruling over the Tanager Valley, including the settlement of Audorn and the ruins of Dodomai. Its sigil is a stag head, from the tradition of staghunting in the small woods on the western border of their lands.Its colors are gold, green, and red, and its knights and levies are characterized by a set of ornamental stag horns on their helmets.


House Arcad holds the Tanager Valley to the northwest of the Zora River, specifically the region around Lake Illumeni. Arcad manors exist on the border of the Tabantha Mountains north of Lake Illumeni, as well as just south of the lake itself.


Ancient Age

House Arcad began as a diminutive Akkalan banner house of House Gustaf. Unlike other Gustaf loyalist Houses, it did not participate in the Battle of the Burning Fields during the Akkalan Civil War, and did not flee west to Calatia. It would remain a minuscule House through the First Golden Age.

Second Golden Age

House Arcad rose to prominence during the Morada Rebellion circa 2 AG, during which the small house declared for Princess Nylin Zelda I and was awarded its title and lands.

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