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Horon is the de facto capital of the Horonians, a sleepy village of nature worshipers and mystics, in heart of Holodrum on the northern shore of Horon Lake, approximately 40 miles southwest of the Tarm Ruins.


Age of Myth

After the First Sages ended the Age of Dragons and brought order and civilization to Hyrule, the Maku Tree of Horon settled along the shores of a lake to watch over the great coniferous forests of Holodrum.

First Golden Age

Horon was founded by a later wave of Arcadian settlers whom recolonized the lands of their lost Wind Tribe cousins. These settlers encountered the Maku Tree of Horon, coming to revere it as a natural deity, and built their village around it. These people, who came to call themselves Horonians, became worshipers of nature, revering the Maku Tree and the mysterious Fairies of the Tarm Woods. The would be led by Mystics who attempted to emulate the magical powers of the Fairies to limited success. The Horonians attempted to colonize other areas of Holodrum, founding villages to the northwest and northeast, but after one was flooded by the Natzu River and the other decimated by plagues, they gave up any ambitions of expansion. Horon remains a sleepy village known mostly for its harvest festivals, as well as being one of the only bastions of civilization in the wilds of Holodrum. The surrounding lands are patrolled by the Knights of Holodrum and Syger Riders, whom keep bandits and monsters at bay.