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The Gorons are a playable faction in Hyrule Conquest.


The origins of the Gorons is largely a mystery. Goron oral history holds that their people were born in the depths of the earth long ago, however, the first recorded sightings of Gorons on the surface of Hyrule date to circa 2701 BG in the Death Mountain Range. The Gorons established cordial relationships with the nearby Kingdom of Hyrule and Zora Dominion, living peacefully for several centuries until the Zora, desiring the wealth of the Death Mountain Range, invaded in 2372 BG, but were swiftly crushed by the Gorons in a series of skirmishes. To dissuade potential future invaders, the Gorons allied with the subterranean--dwelling Lizalfos. The Gorons and Lizalfos inhabited the Mountains undisturbed until 645 BG, when the Volvagians emerged from deep under Death Mountain, conquering and enslaving the Gorons and Lizalfos. Despite the Gorons' plea for aid, the Hylians and Zora elected to keep the Volvagians at bay with tribute. For almost 700 years, the Gorons suffered under the tyrannical rule of the Volvagians and their Lizalfos servants. It was not until 15 BG that Goron rebellion movements began. Though largely unsuccessful, these rebellions continued through the next two decades. The Gorons finally found their chance at freedom during the Rise of Ganon, when the Volvagians allied with the Moblins against the Kingdom of Hyrule and Zora Dominion. With Hylian aid, the Gorons managed to overthrow their masters and their Blin allies, and reconquered the entire Death Mountain Range.


  • The Gorons' faction symbol is that of the Goron Ruby, the Spiritual Stone of Fire from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.