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Gor Goronon is the capital of the Gorons, built next to the central peak in Death Mountain.


Gor Goronon translated to "Belonging to the Gorons," a tradition the people carried on the naming of many of their settlements.


Gor Goronon serves as the capital of the Goron Brotherhood and primary military base for army production. It also houses the largest mine and food production centres making it the centre of Goron economy. The city was actually once part of the Death Mountain Crater until a violent earthquake caused part of the city to collapse and slide down the mountain. The surviving Gorons simply began to rebuild the city where it settled and blessed Din for the rich minerals they found under the city.


There's only one way into the city and that is the heavily fortified south gate. Armies deployed to the north will have to climb rugged paths to navigate around to the south. Once at the gate the walls can be scaled by large ladders or the gate can be bashed open by rams. Inside the city are two main paths to the plaza at the rear. The western path winds through the city and is relatively straightforward, as is the less twisted path to the east.

Creator's Notes

Gor Goronon and many of the Goron cities were inspired by the pseudo industrial look of the Goron Mines from Twilight Princess, blended into the simple rock caves that appeared in Ocarina of Time. I wanted the city to have a very industrial feeling to it, but not too much to avoid a high tech vibe.


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