The Gohma are a playable faction in Hyrule Conquest.


The Gohma came to Hyrule long before recorded history, in the Mythic Era of the First Sages and Druthulidi. Among the Demons of Old unleashed into Hyrule by the First Sages' treachery was Iemanis, a being driven by its indomitable will to survive, control, and consume. When the Druthulidi, released into Hyrule as weapons by the First Sages against one another, proved uncontrollable, the Sages struck a bargain with an even darker power, which slew or drove the Demons into hiding. Iemanis, among the largest and most terrible of its kind, was seemingly stuck dead amid its nest in Misery Mire. However, from its corpse, its Seven Eyes crawled forth with a Will of their own, becoming the progenitors of the terrible arachnid monstrosities that haunt Hyrule. Among these creatures was the Matriarch, first of the Gohma. Unlike its animalistic cousins, within the Queen of the Gohma was the capacity for intelligence, cunning, a will of its own. This was discovered by the exiled First Sage of Forests, Sulkaris, as she wandered Hyrule. Seeking vengeance on her traitorous siblings, she began to mold the Gohma to her needs, unwittingly falling under the influence of their Will in turn. In truth, the Will of Iemanis had lived on, and in Sulkaris, found its avatar to again spread through the world.

Falling ever more under the Gohma's predatory influence, Sulkaris led the Gohma on a rampage into Hyrule in 3003 BG, tearing into the Kingdoms of the Akkalans, the Huskus, the Wind Tribe, and the Picori. Yet seemingly by a miracle, Sulkaris was seemingly slain in 3000 BG, by an Akkalan Noble, Rhoaban of House Gustaf, with a Light Arrow during the defense of Akkala Citadel.

Yet, in the Will of the Gohma, Sulkaris lived, on, and in her ''death'' realized that not only had she achieved immortality but that her siblings were capable of being destroyed. So her will withdrew the Gohma back to Misery Mire, waiting for her chance to enact revenge and reveal the ancient treachery of her kin.


  • The faction symbol of the Gohma is a Gohma eye.
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