Gladiator Ring is a military building of the Gorons used to recruit large and bulky Goron units.


The Gladiator Ring pits the biggest and meanest Goron warriors of all types against each other. Large and bulky Gorons exit the arena to do battle with enemies.


  • Coron Routine:
    Developed by legendary Sumo Coron, these techniques enable Sumo to fight with shocking speed despite their bulk. Sumo dodge rate and movement speed increased by 10%.
  • Rampage:
    Rams are infamously hot-headed, and when in the heat of battle have been known to smash enemies to a pulp. Gives the Ram a chance to score critical hits.
  • Lowly Awareness:
    Goron Giants are not the brightest lot, and will often not even notice those beneath their feet. Removes Giant's minimum attack range.
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