Gibdos are mummy-like undead created as personal servants by Evaleen. They have since come to be scattered across Hyrule and serve in the armies of necromancers. Gibdos are recruitable as mercenaries by Shadow factions, and damage the performance of enemy units in an area.


Dawn of Hyrule

Gibdos may be the first form of undead to arise in Hyrule, created by Evaleen herself as her personal army against the Druthulidi and rival First Sages.

The Return of Sulkaris

After the death of Malkorbagia in 126 AG, Evaleen sends her undead minions to intercept Sulkaris at Death Mountain, but they come into conflict with the forces of the other First Sages in addition to the Gohma. The Gibdo move slowly and awkwardly, hold no weaponry and do not display powers similar to that of Evaleen. They appear to march on a one way trip to engage their target using hand to hand combat techniques, distracting their enemies until their master is able to utterly destroy them using her powers over death.