Gerudo Training Grounds are a Gerudo building, used to recruit elite units such as Tomb Guard, Ice Archers, Ashinon Captains and Golden Gladiators.



A dangerous and grueling obstacle course, the Gerudo Training Grounds is a test to find the best of the best. Those that complete the challenge are awarded with the legendary Ice Arrows or other treasures for battle. Those that fail come out the other end harder and with more experience... Assuming they don't die in the process.


  • Spirit Trials:
    The harsh trials of the Gerudo Training Grounds can break more than the body. Tomb Guards gain +3 magic armor and +25 HP.
  • Mystathi's Lore:
    Sacred magic of the ancient Gerudo ice sorceress, Mystathi. Increases the attack range of Ice Archers.
  • Ashinon's Test:
    These grueling trials and tests yield some impressive Gerudo commanders. Range of Ashinon Captain's aura is increased by 10%.
  • Desert Drills:
    Only available to Urbosa. Ruthless combat drills created by Ashinon General Urbosa increases the dodge rate of all melee infantry by 25%.
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