The Gerudo are a playable faction in Hyrule Conquest


Desert-dwelling Hylian relatives calling themselves the Gerudo first appear in historical records from 2657 BG. The Hylians themselves were unsure of their kinship with these people, believing them to originate from the remote mountain Kingdom of Calatia. The Gerudo conquered much of the western and central Gerudo Desert, forming a powerful Empire that rivaled the Darknut Legion in the East, and constructed great cities and monuments, seeing themselves as a great garden in the desert. The ancient Gerudo were ruled by powerful patriarchal Emperor for over 2,000 years, but began to wane from over-exploitation of their desert home and wars with their neighbors. Circa 600 BG, a civil war led to the overthrow of imperial rule and the establishment of the Circle of Warlords, a de facto council of squabbling military leaders. During this time, two sisters were born, becoming powerful Witches who virtually controlled the Gerudo from the shadows through puppet rulers.

By the time of Ganon, the once-mighty Gerudo had waned to a shadow of their former glory. In 1 BG, the Moblin King Ganon approached the Gerudo with offers of an Alliance, but as expected, was spurned by the haughty Circle of Warlords, and, with the aid of the Yiga Mage Bongo, cursed the Gerudo's Oases so that the Gerudo would never again bear male children. As the curse spread throughout the Gerudo's empire, the Twinrova Sisters made their own move to steal the Triforce, marching to Hylia Marine with a rogue army, but were defeated by Hylian and Zora forces, and presented to the Circle of Warlords along with captured Yiga Clan Sheikah and criminal Fairies as a token of peace. The Circle would banish the most dangerous of the Gerudo and Yiga mages through the dreaded Mirror of Twilight, which they believed to be a gate to a void of no return.


  • All Gerudo unit's scimitars bear Gerudo typography that translates to "Wind of Death." This is a reference to Ganondorf's speech in The Legend of Zelda:The Wind Waker, in which he speaks of the harsh winds that plagued his desert homeland, and the death they carried.
  • The Gerudo faction symbol is that of the Gerudo's emblem, which first appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.