Faldoon is an ancient Gerudo city that was destroyed by a plague that has been taken over by the Stalfos, in the Ordona Rifts, approximately 15 miles northeast of Aslosus.


Circa 8500 BG, the region that would become Arbiter Grounds was home to the Kovalians, a mysterious reptilian people strongly linked to Kovaloo, First Sage of Spirits. The Kovalians mastered the lost arts of Spirit magic and Necromancy, working great wonders until their civilization collapsed circa 8000 BG. They constructed a vast series of underground crypts and libraries of forbidden dark magic underneath the southern mountains fringing the Gerudo Desert.

During the Golden Age of the Gerudo Empire it ruled a territory ranging from the Zora River in the east to the Coast of Ontheon in the west, and Gerudo settlers expanded south into the fertile Plains of Ordona. The city of Faldoon was founded in the foothills of the southern mountains between the Plains of Ordona and Gerudo Desert. However, the city was struck by a series of devastating plagues and abandoned, sheer amount of dead leading to the construction of a vast necropolis, which broke into the ancient Kovalian dungeons.

After his apparent death at the hands of King Daphnes Nohansen Kazakk in 126 AG, Lord Akazoo Vapith's severed head was recovered by Azrily and taken to the ruined city. Using the ancient dark magic sealed under the city, they were able to restore Akazoo and began to use the city's vast crypts to raise an army of the dead while luring necromancers from across Hyrule with the secrets of immortality.

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