Explosive Foundry is a military building of the Gorons used to recruit explosive-wielding units.


Test sites devoted to creating some of the most powerful explosive weaponry around, these foundries are often lit up in display of fireworks on a daily basis.


  • Stable Spinning:
    Bomb Throwers practice throwing techniques that prevent Bombs from spinning off-target in midair. +50% increased accuracy for bomb throwers.
  • Darb Oil:
    Powder Kegs are lubricated with rare Darb Oil, enabling them to be moved and fired more efficiently. Attack and movement speed of Powder Keg Launchers increase by +10%.
  • Golo Bomb Flowers:
    The bomb flowers from the Golo region are notable volatile, resulting in a more destructive explosive. Bomb Thrower and Powder Keg Launcher splash damage radius increased by 25%.
  • Refined Powder Kegs:
    Only available to Dangoro. Goron explosive powder is subjugated to a lenghty refinement process to increase its volatility. +25% Attack rate and range for powder keg launchers.
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