Domain Prime is the ruined former capital city of the Zora Dominion, at the mouth of the Zora River as it flows from the Jabun Reservoir in the Dominion Valley, approximately 35 miles to the northeast of Kakariko. Domain Prime serves as the Zora Dominions's Siege Map in Hyrule Conquest.



The heart of Zora civilization, Domain Prime was built near the shores of the Jabun reservoir; the source of most water in Hyrule. Snow from Death Mountain melts and runs off into this lake during spring, from which the Zora purify and cleanse the water before it's released downstream. Crafted from stone and brick and hardened coralmold, Domain Prime is a heavily fortified position that has yet to fall to any invader. This is partially because of the aquatic nature of the city: soldiers find it difficult to wade through the water and in most cases cannot even take over the underwater portions. The Zora Royal Family such as King Farkos and Princess Ruto rules from the golden throne room adorned with sapphire stained glass.

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