Dodongo's Cavern




Death Mountain Ridge


Goddess Acknowledgement




Iron, Rock Sirloin

Dodongo's Cavern is a Goron settlement located to the southwest of Death Mountain.


Originally a deep mine dedicated to extracting gems and Rock Sirloin from the earth, these caves were abandoned by the Gorons after increasingly larger packs of Dodongos continued to assault year after year. Currently the Dodongo's Cavern serves as the largest breeding ground for the reptilian beasts, who lay clutches of eggs along the skeletal remains of an ancient Megadongo.


There is only one way into the Cavern from the south, but the layout quickly branches out in three directions. The most direct route to the plaza is north through the Megadongo Skull, though defenders will be able to clog the mouth with infantry while archers or bombers attack from the nearby walls. Alternatively invaders can move west and attempt to scale the walls into the plaza, though cavalry will be unable to participate. The third and final path branches out to the far east and loops back around to the plaza from the north. While significantly longer, the wider caves allows larger armies to move and avoid bottlenecks. Despite the underground setting many areas of Dodongo's Cavern allow for cavalry charges, making mounts very valuable for both invaders and defenders.


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