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Golden Goddess

Din is one of the three Golden Goddesses that created Hyrule and the Triforce. She is worshipped by numerous races across Hyrule, most notably the Hylians and the Gorons.



The Mark of Din.

Din is the Goddess of power, and is often associated with creativity, passion, martial strength, and free will. Her associated color is red. During the Dawn of Hyrule, she shaped the raw physical engines of the world- the continents and the seas, and tasked the First Sages with maintaining them. She is associated with musical rhythm and dancing.


Creation of Hyrule

Din and her sisters Farore and Nayru were the three creators of Hyrule.

The world eventually attracted the attention of the Druthulidi Majora, who meddled with and corrupted the Goddesses' work. The result was the creation of Termina, a warped parallel of Hyrule that could be entered after death. Frustrated that their new work was tampered with, the Goddesses proceeded to force Majora into Termina and banished him from Hyrule, threatening to destroy him if he ever returned. Angered with their hostility, Majora set out to destroy and corrupt any further creations of the Goddesses and made others of its kind aware of Hyrule's existence.

The Druthulidi across the cosmos then arrived at Hyrule and began to fight with one another for control of Hyrule, their titanic conflict shaping and ravaging the world.

In order to stop them, the Goddesses created the seven First Sages: Demoko, Solahrasin, Sulkaris, Malkorbagia, Maphaeus, Evaleen and Kovaloo; and with them, they purged Hyrule of the Druthulidi, destroying many of them in the process. Five of them managed to hide themselves and escaped the Goddesses' wrath. As a result of this conflict the Goddesses created the Triforce, an artifact that would give life to the world and maintain beings that would fight the Druthulidi and uphold their laws and desires.

Their work complete, the three Goddesses left Hyrule. They continue to be extensively worshipped by almost all native races of Hyrule, and in later ages their cult is the most popular religion across the planet.

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