The Death Mountain Range is a region of Hyrule, a vast mountainous area in the far north. A belt of volcanic mountains rich in metals, minerals and Rupee Ore, countless wars have been fought for dominion over these bountiful lands.


The Mountain Range consists solely of that; mountains. A recent blizzard has made conditions here far harsher than they once were, though several Goron cities continue to thrive.

Death Mountain Prime

Otherwise known as Spectacle Rock, Death Mountain Prime is the highest peak in the range, home to the capital of the Gorons, and one of the largest mines in Hyrule.

Kakariko Gorge

The most fertile area of the Range, where the ancestral home of the elusive Sheikah is nestled at the base of several peaks.

Death Mountain Peak

The very peak of Spectacle Rock, where the remnants of the original Goron capital can be found. It is in close proximity to the Fire Temple, and the resting place of the Gorons' patron deity.

Death Mountain Ridge

Originally home to an expansive mine, this area of the Range was taken over by packs of Dodongos and became their central breeding ground.

Death Mountain Major

A large peak in the Death Mountain Range, where a rebel Goron settlement resides.

Death Mountain Minor

A smaller peak in the Death Mountain Range, where another rebel city can be found.

Mouth of the Mountains

A large opening in the Mountains where several mines can be found surrounding a Goron colony named after the last Goron king.

Gorona Spine

The largest Rupee Mine in all of Hyrule can be found in this area of the range, hidden within one of the most fortified Goron cities on the Range.


In Death Mountain Range Region, we can find :

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