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Death Mountain


Darunia (brother)

Daruk is a Goron elder and the younger brother of their King Darunia.


Daruk is a well-built Goron with very pale, almost white skin and very prominent upwards-pointing hair, beard and moustache.


As a young man, Daruk was like his brother in temperament: excited and friendly. In his old age, Daruk comes out as a man who has lost pride in his people.


Rise of Ganon

In 1 AG, Daruk joins his brother and their Hylian allies in their rebellion against the Volvagians. After their victory, Daruk is furious that his brother was named Dakkon's successor as Sage of Fire, for reasons known only to the two. A rift grows between them, and Daruk leaves the Death Mountain range to seclude himself from the world.

Unique Abilities

Unique Unit Tribal Monk A speedy Infantry unit that behaves like a Spearman. Can regenerate health when not in combat.
Unique Tech Hearty Hides Meditation and Drink makes a heartier breed of Goron. All Goron units gain +10% Health.
Unique Passive The Great Prospector Mines take -10% less time to build and Mining research takes 10% less time to finish.

Unique Bonuses

LVL 1 Battle Dance Melee Infantry in Daruk's aura gain x2 Melee Attack Range, +10% Melee Attack Rate.
LVL 2 Toughen Up All units in formation with Daruk gain +10% health.
LVL 3 Mountain Eyes Garrisoned building attacks 20% faster.
LVL 4 Daruk's Protection Daruk plants himself into the ground, temporarily reducing all damage dealt to him to 1. When the ability is finished he unleashes a powerful knockback attack against anyone attacking him.
LVL 5 Earthcracker Daruk slams the ground with his mighty sword. Instantly kills most units adjacent to himself, deals massive damage to buildings.
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