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Eldin Goron

Dangoro is a Goron military officer and one of the survivors of the eruption of Death Mountain.

Physical Appearance

Dangoro is very large and bulky for his kind, something balancing his inferior intelligence. One of his most prominent features is a rocky horn on his head, which he proudly shows off with his a hole in his helmet.



First Golden Age

In his youth Dangoro works as a miner in the Death Mountain Crater. After saving King Darunia from a Dodongo trap, he becomes his guardian brother and leaves his life in the mines behind.

Gerudo Wars

In 100 AG, when the Zora Dominion threatens to invade Death Mountain, Dangoro helps Darunia secure the alliance with King Dodongo. After a brief conflict, Darunia manages to convince the Dodongos of the Zora threat, and the two races set up a defensive network along the mountain canyons.

King Farkos of the Zora eventually gives the order to march into Goron territory, Dangoro serves as Darunia's second-in-command in the Goron army. During the battle King Dodongo is slain, but Darunia manages to kill King Farkos and force the Zora into a full retreat.

Second Golden Age

The Gorons enjoy a very brief time of peace until 115 AG, when an unnatural blizzard starts ravaging Death Mountain. The blizzard lasts for over a decade and drives the Gorons into a slow decline.

Return of Sulkaris

Dangoro is present while Zelda pleads for help. He is instructed by Darunia to gather all Goron armies at Hyrule Prime, and helps with the evacuation of the Goron civilization.

He later joins the allied forces in their campaign against the Gohma. He escorts Mido out of the Grand Central Hive before Iemanis is embodied, and takes him to the prisons below Death Mountain.

Unique Bonuses

Unique Unit Shieldbreaker A slow and powerful Melee unit. Very slow attack rate, but his punch ignores all enemy armor.
Unique Tech Refined Powder Kegs Goron Explosive Powder is subjected to a lengthy refinement process to increase its volitability. Powder Keg Launchers gain a +25% Attack Range and Rate.
Unique Passive Ready the Kegs All Explosive Foundry Techs are pre-researched.

Unique Abilities

LVL 1 Foundation Smasher All enemy buildings within Dangoro's aura gain -10% Health.
LVL 2 Wrecker Siege units in formation with Dangoro gain +25% Melee and Ranged Attack damage.
LVL 3 Bomb's Away! Garrisoned building gains +25% Attack damage.
LVL 4 Sock 'Em Dangoro punches a single target with impressive force, sending them flying back an incredible distance. Deals massive damage to buildings.
LVL 5 Lights Out When Dangoro falls in battle he ignites a giant Powder Keg, exploding and dealing massive damage to everything in his aura. Buildings within the blast radius all instantly ignite.
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