Crown Ridge is rock formation and cave system located high in Rolling Ridge roughly 25 miles southeast of Lynna City. It serves as the De - facto home and capital of the Gorons of Rolling Ridge.


Crown Ridge was named by Labrynnians in reference to their national symbol, the Eastern Sun. Crown Ridge references the crown of mountains over which the sun rises from the east.


In 2701 BG, the Gorons emerged from deep underneath the Death Mountain Range, establishing contact with the peoples of the surface such as the Hylians and Zora. Several groups of Gorons migrated to new lands, colonizing the island of Onkom in the Umoloth and Rolling Ridge. This latter group developed into very different beings from their kin, growing thick stone plates over their bodies and embracing a simple and passive lifestyle, often sleeping for centuries or even millennia. Guarding the pass into eastern lands beyond Rolling Ridge, they are largely isolated and uninvolved with events beyond their home, reacting to the odd traveler with friendliness unless threatened.

Crown Ridge is less a settlement and more a natural formation, a true crown of rock atop Rolling Ridge which conceals the deep cave systems the Gorons of Rolling Ridge call home. The Gorons of Rolling Ridge barely hold a society, being led by Wazkora and only acting should their kind face an external threat.

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