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The Cobble Kingdom is a planned playable faction in the Great Sea expansion of Hyrule Conquest.


Like their Lokomo cousins, the Cobble were among the earliest civilizations in recorded history. The first traces of Cobble culture emerged in the far northeastern Great Sea circa 6000 BG, with the first recorded Cobble Dynasties being recorded in the thousand-year span between 6000-5000 BG. By 5500 BG, Cobble settlers had migrated to the far northeastern coast of Hyrule, what would become Arcadia. By 4900 BG, the Cobble Kingdom was perhaps the largest Empire to ever exist in Hyrule, spanning from the northeastern-most coast of Hyrule to far into uncharted lands, its territory so vast that the Kingdom of Hyrule would have been but a ''Tektite to a Molgera.'' Ruled by powerful Emperors, the Cobble constructed monolithic cities and pyramids that dwarfed later settlements, their power enforced through great constructs such as Eox. In 4900 BG, however, due to manipulation by the Parella, the Cobble Kingdom went to war with their Lokomo cousins for control of the Great Sea, sparking a destructive 200-year war that by 4700 BG had dragged both the Parella and the Oshunites into the conflict. Even with the Parella's role in starting the war revealed, the Cobble Kingdom chose to align with the servants of Bellum, directly embracing Bellum Worship, and with its sheer power began to turn the tide against the Lokomo and Oshunites. In desperation, King Oshus constructed the Phantom Army, unstoppable magic construct, but when unleashed, they turned on both ally and enemy alike, scouring the Great Sea of every living thing in their path and destroying the warring empires. To survive, some Cobble hid away in huge magical Vaults, awaiting when the Phantoms ceased their scourge, so they could awaken and rebuild their Kingdom. However, something went wrong, and they never awoke, trapped in their magical stasis. Other fled southward, joining the settlers on Hyrule's northeastern coast and by 4000 BG these refugees had migrated into the Eragou Mountain Range. Some remained, founding the Kingdom of Arcadia, while others journeyed further southward, becoming the first of the Wind Tribe.




  • Brant
  • Bremeur
  • Doylan
  • Max



  • The faction symbol of the Cobble Kingdom is based on the belt of King Mutoh from Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.