The Coast of Airu, also commonly known as the Lanayru Coast, is a major geographic region of northern Hyrule. It also serves as a 2 player skirmish map in Hyrule Conquest.

Map Description

The northern coast of Hyrule, full of many riches and wonderful weather year-around. Despite the beauty of this land it is home to many terrible beasts such as Moldarach and its Aracha spawn.


The Arach Caves near the center of the map will keep spawning hostile wild Arachas, Arurodas and Arachs once several minutes, and will start forming into waves of large army to attack both players from about 5 minutes and onward, if not prepared to face this early enough, the worst case is to be defeated directly by them, and not the opponent player, at the very first wave of attack. But fortunately, the map boss Moldarach won't attack players unless directly disturbed.

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