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Calatia is a planned unplayable NPC faction in Hyrule Conquest. A small Hylian kingdom hidden in the Moruge Mountains, it is the home of the surviving members of House Gustaf.


Ancient Age

Calatia was founded in 3050 BG by a group of Akkalan hermits who left their homes, travelled to northwestern Hyrule and cut contacts with the outside world. In 2991 BG, after Rhoaban Gustaf I, founder of the Kingdom of Akkala, was overthrown and killed by the usurper Baolin Nohansen, his children fled to Calatia and settled there, hidden from the rest of the world, including the Sages.

First Golden Age

Calatia is the birthplace of the future Hero of Time Link Gustaf II, who moves to Hyrule Prime after his father's death.


Noble Houses

While the historians of the Kingdom of Hyrule may believe House Gustaf and its bannermen to have been wiped out in the Akkalan Civil War, some survived in Exile in Calatia. The survivors of House Gustaf and their bannermen has since intermarried with one another and native Calatians.

House Sigil Blazon Words Notes
House Dithos

Black Bear Rouse Us Not
House Gustaf

Thunder Eagle

and Golden Wolf

Forever Enduring
House Hebria
Snowpeak No Obstacle Unconquerable
House Othuf
Two Fish A Taste of Valor
House Srolyn
Woolly Rhino Beware My Rage
House Taban
Gray Wolf Loyal to the End
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