The Butler is the chief manservant in the Palace of Twilight. His true name is not known.

Physical Characteristics

The Butler is a male Twili with grey hair and distinctly luminescent yellow eyes over one of which he wears a glowing teal monocle. Like other Twili males his nose narrows at its base rather than flaring and his fingers are notably elongated and appear to possess sensitive suction cup-like tips on their ends.


The Realm of Twilight

The butler serves both Mizorant and his son Zant as their personal servant.

When Zant moves his new girlfriend Midna into the Palace of Twilight, the butler is tasked to unpack her belongings, during which he fondles her underwear. After helping Midna settle in he meets Mizorant in his throne room, where the two discuss their mutual disapproval for Zant's new relationship. The butler predicts that Zant will eventually grow bored of Midna and move on, to which Mizorant agrees and says that his son has better do this quickly before he has to force the issue. The butler states that the King has his son's interests at heart.

The butler is from then never seen again and his fate is unknown.

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