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Kakariko, Kingdom of Hyrule


Yiga Clan

Bongo was the pseudonym of a powerful Sheikah wizard who seized control of the Yiga Clan during during the Century of Decline, later allying the Yiga and other treacherous Sheikah with Ganon during against the Kingdom of Hyrule, under the name Dark Interlopers.


Twilight of the Royal Family and Century of Decline

Bongo was born among the Yiga Clan of Sheikah during the long decline of the First Golden Age. Growing up in a nomadic life on the fringe of Sheikah society, themselves already existing on the margins of Hyrule, Bongo proved herself to be a powerful wizard and assassin, becoming famed for her ability to discern the truth in all matters, as inspire and lead other Sheikah. During the era in which she was born, known as the Twilight of the Royal Family, the stagnant order of the Golden Age,began to collapse as personal ambition and interclan strife led to a shadow war among the Sheikah. At some point in her life, she either crafted or came into possession of the Eye of Truth, a powerful magical device capable of swaying and brainwashing others to the will of the user. She would also suffer a grievous facial injury that left her with a scarred right half of her face and missing right eye. As the Kingdom of Hyrule spiraled into the Century of Decline, Bongo had become one of the numerous powerful Sheikah Wizards vying for control behind the scenes. By the reign of Sil Rhoam Bosphoramus, she has taken control of the Yiga Clan and assembled a powerful alliance of ambitious and disgruntled Sheikah from other Clans. However, the influence of Dethl, through the Eye of Truth, slowly drove her insane and implanted an obsession with unsealing the Shadow Temple, a former Sheikah abattoir overrun by the undead.

Rise of Ganon

In 1 BG, the Moblins, under the rule of the Warlord Ganon, invaded the Kingdom of Hyrule from the south, swiftly taking all territory south of the Zora River within months, and capturing its Princess, Nylin Nohansen Zelda I. Sensing an opportunity, Bongo and her followers contacted the Moblin King, offering support in exchange for help unsealing the Shadow Temple. Ganon and Bongo would adventure into the undead infested dungeon, eventually confronting and seemingly slaying Dethl, one of the Druthulidi. Unknown to Ganon, Bongo, consumed by her mad fear, embodied the demon, being subsumed by its will. Dethl would continue to manipulate the Moblin King under the mask of the Sheikah Wizard.

At "Bongo's" behest, Ganon traveled to the Gerudo Desert, attempting to form alliances with the Gerudo and Darknut Legion. When the Gerudo refused his offer, he cursed them with Yiga magic, rendering their people unable to bear male children. He then traveled to secure an alliance with the Darknuts, through a trial by combat: when the Darknut King, Zalunbar, resorted to cheating, "Bongo" would help Ganon do the same, securing an alliance. The combined force of Blins, Darknuts, and Sheikah marched on the Hylian capital of Gundrumether, where the King, Sil Rhoam Bosphoramus, had fortified himself, and supposedly held the Triforce. The combined armies broke the defenses, slaying Sil and his son, Rodlin Nohansen Sil. Before the King died, "Bongo" managed to discover the hiding place of the Triforce, the Water Temple, using the Eye of Truth. Coveting the Triforce for itself, the demon misled Ganon to believe that it was hidden in the Fire Temple in Death Mountain, sending him to his eventual death. As the Darknut Legion returned home and the Blins marched on Death Mountain, "Bongo" led its followers south.


As 1 AG began, the Sheikah occupied the town of Hylia Marine in search of the Triforce, but were taken by surprise by rogue armies of Fairies and Gerudo, led by a renegade Great Fairy named Veran, and the sorceress sisters Koume and Kotake, respectively. The three armies entered a pitched battle, eventually being routed by a Hylian and Zora Dominion army led by the escaped Princess Zelda I, aided by the Demon Demise itself, which sought vengeance for the betrayal of its Champion, Ganon. Amid the chaos, "Bongo" was captured, and its followers surrendered. Branded the Dark Interlopers for their betrayal, the renegade Sheikah were imprisoned or executed, while a handful of the most dangerous wizards were cast into the Mirror of Twilight alongside criminal Fairies and Gerudo. "Bongo" itself allowed itself to be "executed" by guillotine, after which its headless corpse was dumped into the Kakariko town well. The demon, again hidden in darkness, would mutate the body of Bongo into a hideous abomination, eventually known as Bongo-Bongo.
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