• DarkInterloper

    Hi everyone,

    As you may or may not know the Hyrule Conquest public server on discord has moved to a new one, due to internal issues and drama. The embed now links to the correct server, and here is a link for good measure.


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  • DarkInterloper

    New Discord

    March 21, 2019 by DarkInterloper

    Hi everyone, there is now a shiny new HC Discord that neph has moved to. Here is a permanent link

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  • DarkInterloper

    The various links to the Hyrule Conquest Discord have likely all been rendered invalid by security changes or deletion -  here is a non-expiring link that will take you to the "Welcome" page, follow the instructions to "unlock" the rest of the discord by getting the role Mortal.

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  • Thehelper1

    Majora's Design

    March 19, 2018 by Thehelper1

    Now that Mission 39 is released, I hope that the Majora that we saw was only a visual representation during Demoko's confession, and not a new design for Majora in general.

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  • Dabmob

    Dissolving shared pages

    January 25, 2018 by Dabmob

    In the predecessor game, Hyrule: Total War,​ roles of Diplomats, Spies, Traders, Priests, Commanders, Captains and Generals were so similar that this Wiki has given them shared pages. However, since the switch to Pyrogenesis engine, the idea of having so many units on one page is questionalble, especially since many of the units were cut from the game. I propose dissolving those pages and giving each former Trader, Spy and Diplomat that has survived the great unit purge of Hyrule Conquest​ their own page.

    On the same note, those that have fallen to the order of Emperor Nephatine should be moved into the "Cut Content" page, along with many other units.

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  • Dabmob

    Originally, Horonians were descendants of Tarminians who didn't transform into Phantoms of Tarm. Tarminians have since been retconned and Horonians were reclassified as Labrynnians who established a civilization north. However, the "Hyrule" page still lists both Horonians and Phantoms of Tarm as descendants of the Wind Tribe. The page is protected by a rule, so can a verified user please reclassify Horonians under "Labrynnian" and add a section for Fairies and their relatives?

    While you're at it, you can also add Dongorongos under "Dodongo", Tallblin and Shadow Blin under "Blin" and Chamelfos under "Lizalfos".

    Edit: Do Poes even count as a race? Are they not just spirits of formerly racially categorized beings?

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  • DarkInterloper

    Please make a vote, we are currently running a public poll as to whether Neph and the Mod Team should focus entirely on Hyrule Conquest, or spend the enxt 6 or so months working on a final update for Hyrule Total War.


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  • Stefbad

    Hyrule Conquest

    August 16, 2017 by Stefbad


    Since Hyrule Conquest, a port of Hyrule : Total War has been officially announced yesterday, I'm wondering if this game should have its own wikia or if Hyrule : Total War Wiki will also be a wiki for Hyrule Conquest. In that case, I found the Hyrule Conquest page a bit confusing : in fact, Undyingnephalim sayed in his first look video that NPC factions will becom playable, for some at least, and in his announcement videothat extensions won't be a thing anymore, they existed only because of technical limitations on the Medieval 2 : Total War engine.

    I'm also questionning myself : how will we make Hyrule : Total War and Hyrule Conquest factions cohabit, if both games are included in this wiki (witch would be the best, I think) ? I througt that …

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  • Arya Snow


    July 20, 2017 by Arya Snow

    So as we have been discussing in the Discord server, UndyingNephalim has been considering to abandon the Medieval II engine for 0 AD, and the more time passes the more likely the game will be ported (as of the moment of writing it's pretty inevitable).

    The 0 AD engine doesn't fight with you every other day (unlike the M2TW one), and it is possible to implement a lot of crazy ideas that you will never see in M2, including but not limited to:

    • No more faction cap, all expansions can be consolidated to one, so we can have matches like Gohma vs Empire of Bellum vs Clock Town vs Oorgath, among others. The Oocca will also become playable.
    • No more unit cap. Each faction is likely to receive at least a few new units. Most of the planned wild animals …
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  • Thirteen1355


    June 24, 2015 by Thirteen1355


    A long time ago, I checked this wiki for the first time. It had only about 20 pages, and those pages were pretty shallow. Now and then, I checked the wiki, and I noticed it was growing at full speed. And now, it has grown to 961 pages!

    I really appreciate the work of the wiki members!

    Have you seen my Faction page already?Thirteen1355 (talk) 19:06, June 24, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Rm2kking

    Facebook Fan Page

    July 22, 2013 by Rm2kking

    I noticed Hyrule: Total War had no Facebook page. This seemed tantamount to crime to me. Other great Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms mods such as Third Age: Total War have FB pages with quite a following, so I took it upon myself to create a fan page for Hyrule: Total War. Please like this and support this genius and lovingly crafted homage to all things Zelda! Even though I created the page, I will willingly cede administratorship to UndyingNephalim if he wishes it so.

    Like and support!

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  • Redwin35

    This is the most entertaining Mod in my opinion and many others' for a reason. That said I believe it makes sense to try and explain all we can within a reasonable quality level.  As long as its done right, like nothing important is removed and no edits that aren't related to the Section to make it unreliable, doing this could possibly help build support for Neph, to keep at this until he can't reasonably add to it any further (or the unthinkable happens where he gets tired with it before completion). You guys can easily improve this and I want to help if I'm given permission.

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