Hyrule Conquest Wiki

The market building for the Gerudo. Creates Traders and researches upgrades for them. Also gives a slow


trickle of food once Vegetable Surplus is researched.


A series of shops that sold various goods and services within its host settlement, increasing both it's economy and the happiness of the people within. Trade was crucial to the survival of the Gerudo, and without these markets the civilization would have certainly died out by now.


  • Cartography:
    Accurate maps of Hyrule were highly valued by both individuals and the governments of many empires. Allows players to see what allies see, browse their summary and check their resources and population count in the top panel.
  • Vegetable Surplus:
    Surplus vegetables from foreign markets are imported to the Gerudo desert. Barter Outlet generates a slow trickle of food.
  • Camel Aid:
    Traders are joined by a supply Camel, increasing their carrying capacity and speed.
  • Isha's Gem Trinkets:
    Well crafter gems and jewelry sell for quite a fair price in foreign lands. Trader points increased by 20%.