Baral's Stand is an ancient fortress-prison located within the Darknut Legion, located approximately 15 miles northeast of Ontheon.


Baral's Stand is name in honor of Baral, a Darknut Deity who helped found the Legion. Legend holds that it is the site where where Baral alone held off an entire army.


Circa 3000 BG, the Darknut people established a civilization in the Gerudo Cliffs, and nearly exterminated themselves in a series of bloody civil wars. To save their people, four Darknut heroes, Zalunbar, Baral, and the couple Senturon and Yaraxonal, enlisted the aid of a mysterious Minish sorcerer and set out to unify the Darknuts under a Legion. In the very last battle of the wars, Baral was trapped in a remote fortress on the far northern fringes of Darknut territory, and according to legend, held of an entire enemy army, resulting in the citadel being named Baral's Stand in his honor. Since then, it has guarded the northern border of the Legion and imprisoned its worst enemies. As the Gerudo Wars came to a close in 104 AG, Yaroxonal, now Queen of the Legion, ordered the Gerudo Emperor Ganondorf imprisoned within, where he would remain for 20 years despite petitions from his wife Nabooru Riju. In 124 AG, Ganondorf's bastard daughter, Urbosa, with the aid of his adopted mothers, Koume and Kotake, launched a raid on Baral's Stand, freeing him.

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