Aslosus is the de - facto capital of the Gerudo Pirates in the Ordona Rifts, on the western coast of Hyrule, approximately 15 miles southwest of Faldoon. It serves as a 4 - player Skirmish Map in Hyrule Conquest.


AIn 2384 BG, King Rhogim Nohansen V took the throne of the Kingdom of Hyrule, and would be known as Rhogim the Wise, ushering in an era of prosperity and reform until his death in 2287 BG. During his reign, numerous House Nohansen vassal Houses left their holdings in Hyrule Field and Lake Hylia to settle the Plains of Ordona. Left largely uninhabited by the devastation of the Moblins and the fall of Ikana, they would soon become the breadbasket of Hyrule. The port of Aslosus was founded on the coast of the Ordona Rifts and over the following centuries was heavily influenced by Ordonian and Gerudo culture, including the rise of Gerudo Pirates who raided as far north as the islands of the Umoloth. During the reign of Zyle Nohansen Botrick III, the First Golden Age waned, ending in 100 BG as the Kingdom of Hyrule began a campaign of raids against the border villages of the Blins, slaughtering innocents and burning their homes to the ground. In retaliation, the Blins launched counter raids, destroyed the southern outpost of Fort Ordonafawn and destabilizing the Ordona Rifts. Due to warfare and territorial stagnation, Aslosus declared independence from the Kingdom of Hyrule and fell into anarchy, during which the bloodthirsty Gerudo Pirates seized control of the city. Since then Aslosus has served as the base from which they raid the western coast of Hyrule and the Great Sea. Despite being ruled by vicious pirates, Aslosus remains one of the busiest and most cosmopolitan cities in Hyrule, with anything from Darknuts to Deku Scrubs wandering its streets.

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