Ashinon is the capital of the Gerudo and home of the Gerudo Palace, seat of the Gerudo Emperor and Circle of Warlords. It is in the heart of the Gerudo Desert, approximately 35 miles northeast of Zunayus.. Ashinon serves as the Gerudo Siege Map.


Ashinon is one of the oldest surviving Gerudo cities in Hyrule. Nearly 2500 years old, it has long served as the imperial capital and later as the meeting point of the Circle of Warlords. During the reign of the Gerudo Emperors, the city was far grander and greener, and described as a Great Garden in the Desert. Circa 1600 BG, the Emperor was overthrown and Gerudo territory was carved up by warring military leaders known as Warlords. To mediate disputes, the Circle of Warlords was formed, a tenuous council of the most powerful Warlords, based out of the old imperial palace. In 1 BG, the Moblin King Ganon visited the city to secure an alliance with the Gerudo, and in retaliation to being rejected by the Circle of Warlords poisoned the city Oasis with a Curse that prevented male Gerudo from being born. The Curse swiftly spread from Ashinon, and as their males died out the palace went empty until Ganondorf took the throne and reestablished the city as his capital, marrying Nabooru of the Riju Clan and siring a royal heir, Makeela. In 102 AG, in retaliation to Ganondorf's failed invasion of the Kingdom of Hyrule, a Hylian army led by Daphnes Kazakk laid siege to Ashinon, burning it and taking the Emperor prisoner. Ashinon is located almost in the direct heart of the Gerudo Desert, constructed around one of the largest natural Oases in the Desert. Like most Gerudo cities, Ashinon is relatively infertile with only a few small watering holes used for pig farming and water supply. Wells throughout the city are able to extract some water from deep under the ground but for the most part life in the Gerudo capital is a struggle to survive. The city is a tightly packed maze of narrow streets, towers and pueblo style housing, surrounded by high adobe walls. Its northeastern district is dominated by the palace of the Gerudo Emperor and the meeting hall of the Circle of Warlords.

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