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Dark Dragon

Argorok is a Dark Dragon who resides in the Realm of Twilight and the ruler of the monster confederacy known as the Tribes of the Nether Rifts.


Argorok's in-game model.

Hero Ability


Sol Bomb: Argorok drops a vat of Sol energy from the sky on an enemy force.


In his original incarnation in Hyrule: Total War, Argorok was a hero unit for the Forces of Twilight.

Original Description

A beast possibly older then the Twili's ancestors, it is unknown if Argorok is native to the Realm of Twilight or was banished from Hyrule with other dragons such as Onox. Regardless, Argorok naturally serves no one, not even the Twili. In recent times however word has spread that a way into Hyrule has opened, and Argorok unsurprisingly has submitted his services to Zant in exchange for access to Hyrule.