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Arcadia is a planned Minor Faction available on Arctic Biomes.


Arcadia is an ancient and remote kingdom located along the far northern coast of Hyrule, separated from the rest of the continent by the Eragou Mountain Range.


The future territory of the Kingdom of Arcadia was first settled by immigrants from the Cobble Kingdom around 5500 BG, with a second wave of immigration happening after the collapse of Cobble near 4700 BG. The first historical usage of the name Arcadia dates back to roughly 4698 BG, which is considered to be the founding date of the Kingdom of Arcadia.

Scholars believe that the first Akkalans originated from this remote region. Due to its harsh climate and isolation the kingdom would eventually lose contact with Akkala, but survived as an independent kingdom. Arcadia is a small and resource deprived coastal land, but is very rich in gold, to the point most Arcadian buildings are decorated in the stuff.


  • Arcadia's visual design is influenced by proto-Norse as well as Norman culture and architecture.