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The Arbiter Grounds are an ancient ruined Kovalian and later Gerudo religious center that serve as the de - facto capital of the Stalfos, in the Palu Dunes approximately 20 miles south of Ashinon. It serves as the Stalfos' Siege Map in Hyrule Conquest.


Before recorded history, as the Age of Myth came to a close and the Ancient Age began with the arrival of the Oracles and the First Sages, the Druthulidi were unleashed into the world by the warring First Sages. One of these Demons of Old was Bellum, and with it came the Parella, who had constructed Mirror Gates to lead the Demon to new worlds to devour in order to stave off their own destruction. By unknown circumstances, one of these gates washed up in what would become known as the Gerudo Desert, buried in the sand and forgotten for eternity.

Circa 8500 BG, the region that would become Arbiter Grounds was home to the Kovalians, a mysterious reptilian people strongly linked to Kovaloo, First Sage of Spirits. The Kovalians mastered the lost arts of Spirit magic and Necromancy, working great wonders until their civilization collapsed circa 8000 BG. A Kovalian Stallord would remain buried deep below the sands.

Many thousands of year later, the Gerudo Empire arose in the forgotten lands of the Kovalians, and perhaps drawn to the ancient power in the site, constructed a colossal tomb complex in which they enshrined their kings and honored dead, while discovering and mastering the lost arts of Spirit magic themselves.

The Gerudo Emperor was overthrown by a civil war in 1600 BG, and the Gerudo Empire collapsed into war between squabbling Warlords. During these wars the Arbiters Grounds became a tomb of a different sort, housing as both the prison and crypt of countless souls who were executed and left to sink into the sand. The Ancient Mirror Gate was unearthed, and, believed to lead to a void of no return, used to hurtle the most dangerous mages into oblivion. Over the centuries the Grounds were abandoned to the dead, with the last known use being in 1 AG, when the Gerudo Circle of Warlords hurled the Yiga, Fairy, and traitor Gerudo prisoners of war given to them by the Kingdom of Hyrule after the Rise of Ganon into the Mirror Gate, unaware that some would survive on the other side and become the ancestors of the Twili.

In 135 AG, after raising an army of the dead at Faldoon and spreading a necromantic cult across the Kingdom of Hyrule, Lord Akazoo Vapith began searching for the Arbiter Grounds, hoping to raise the countless dead entombed in its sands into his Stalfos armies and to establish the necropolis as the Stalfos' twisted de facto capital.