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The Anouki Natives are a playable faction in the Great Sea expansion of Hyrule Conquest.


The Anouki are one of the few races native to the Islands of the Great Sea. Though they are primitive even by Hyrule's standards, they have outlasted the mighty and advanced empires that ravaged these lands in the past. Part of their success is their homeland and adaptability to its environment: a wasteland in a near perpetual state of winter.

The Anouki are primarily a hunter-gatherer society. Though they have no bias against the developments of other empires, they prefer to stick to their traditions and simple way of life even after being exposed to technology. This attitude often gives the Anouki a reputation for being stubborn and stupid, though this is not exactly the truth. In the distant past the Anouki had a major war with the Yook, also natives of their homeland. After the war nearly destroyed both peoples, a truce was signed that divided their homeland. For centuries neither side has violated the agreement, though the Yooks have migrated away from their homeland as far south as Hyrule.

The Anouki have a huge advantage when fighting in snowy and icy terrain. This makes them a very defensive faction as this bonus does not apply to fighting in most other types of environments. The Anouki army is one of speed; they can usually outmaneuver and position their infantry and sleds in strategically important locations before other armies can. The Anouki have a rather unremarkable navy of small canoes and brigs.

Strengths, Weaknesses and Abilities

  • All non cavalry land units can cease movement and bunker, making them immune to charging and attacks from all sides.
  • Anouki armies suffer no penalties when fighting in winter, tundra, snow, or ice terrain.
  • Very frail navy force.

    An example of Anouki script.



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