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Akkala is a planned playable faction in Hyrule Conquest, consisting of an alliance between three races: the ancient predecessor of the Kingdom of Hyrule, the Wind Tribe, and the Minish. The Akkalans spoke a language different from modern Hylian, but it's still in use among the nobility and clergy.


The Akkalans were a humanoid race that originally originated from Arcadia and the lost Cobble Kingdom. They are considered to be the ancestors of most modern Hyrulean races. Before their discovery of the Triforce, they were primarily a group of individualistic and splintered tribes consisting of various families. As such, the Akkalans were a quite family-focused culture, a trait that they would largely retain after the founding of their kingdom. When the First Sage Sulkaris launched her invasion of Hyrule, the various Akkalan communities banded together to stand against her. This event united the Akkalans under a single ruler for the first time in their history, and would eventually cause major changes in their culture and societal structure. The discovery of the Triforce would also cause a major shift in their religious beliefs, as it slowly changed from what could be considered a relatively loosely organized system of nature and lesser deity worship, to the more well-known faith of the Golden Goddesses.

Unlike their modern descendants, the Akkalans were far more humble regarding their place in the world. They were notably willing to cooperate with other races, which is seen in their various alliances with the Wind Tribe and other civilizations. Their society was largely based around the concept of honor, a trait derived from their more community-oriented past, and ensured loyalty and stability. The family unit was by far the most important social institution in their society and might have played a part in the fledgling kingdom's instability, as the concept of monarchy was relatively unknown before the rise of King Gustaf. It is quite evident that the family's interests took precedence over subjugation to a single monarch in times of peace. Since the monarchy was a relatively new development, many powerful individuals greedily wished for the throne and would rise against Gustaf. Thus, the Kingdom of Akkala can be understood as a temporary necessity in times of conflict, rather than a central element of their social structure. This would change, however, as the Akkalan Civil War proved to be quite traumatic and would eventually usher in an age of stability.


Noble Houses

Ancient Akkala was dominated by a number of ancient family lines that were among the first settlers to venture west from Arcadia. These five ancient clans were nations in their own right, dominating the aristocracy and economy of the Kingdom and lording over numerous smaller clans that served as their bannermen. House Gustaf is believed to have been driven into extinction during the Akkalan Civil War, but in truth escaped to Calatia with its bannermen, while House Daltus and its bannermen largely became the Hybrid nobility of Lanayru Province.

House Seat Region Overlord Sigil Blazon Words Notes
Apono Coast of Airu House Daltus
House Apono.png
Conch Shell

By Her Wisdom and Love

Athos Lost Woods House Rhoam
House Athos.png
Pink Fairy Ancient and Strong
Aurob Coast of Airu House Daltus
House Aurob.png
Moldarach Know Our Deeds
Daltus Akkala Citadel/ Lanayru Promenade (ancestral) Coast of Airu None
House Daltus.png
Rupee With Salt and Gold, We Rule
Dithos Snowpeak House Gustaf
House Dithos.png
Emperor Bear

Rouse Us Not

Foralu Hyrule Field House Harkinian
House Foralu.png
Blue Nightshade Behold the Fruits of Our Labor
Gustaf Snowpeak Snowpeak None
House Gustaf.png
Thunder Eagle & Triforce Forever Enduring
Harkinian Vigjaro/ Harkinian Manor (ancestral) Vigjaro Glade None
House Harkinian.png
Golden Chalice We Feast From the Vine
Hebria Snowpeak House Gustaf
House Hebria.png

Snowpeak No Obstacle Unconquerable *Exiled
Kiro Hyrule Field House Harkinian
House Kiro.png
Hand with an Eye Weep Not for Evil *Extinct
Kochi Hateno Hyrule Field House Rhoam
House Kochi.png
Loftwing Live with Honor, Die Free
Lanayru Coast of Airu House Daltus
House Lanayru.png
Trident With Skill and Beauty
Lontha Lon Lon Ranch Hyrule Field House Nohansen
House Lontha.png
Lonthan Horse

Here Do We Toil

Maldo Coast of Airu House Daltus
House Maldo.png

Anchor Unwavering, Always
Malkori Malkariko Hyrule Field House Harkinian
House Malkori.png

Silver Tree Here to Stay
Malpis Coast of Airu House Daltus
House Malpis.png

Scallop Shell Freedom Above Death
Morada Lake Hylia House Nohansen
House Moradi.png
Crow The Brave, the Honorable
Muno Hyrule Field House Harkinian
House Muno.png

Three Eyes

Witness the Truth

Namadi Lake Hylia House Nohansen
House Namadi.png

Fish Just and True
Nohansen Great Bridge of Hylia (ancestral) Lake Hylia None
House Nohansen.png
Red-Beaked Swan Through Blood and Grace
Onkled Dodomai Lost Woods House Rhoam
House Onkled.png
Ruby Rings Bound by Duty *Extinct
Othrynon Lost Woods House Rhoam
House Othrynon.png
Dragon Biting Its Tail We Remember *Extinct
Othuf Snowpeak House Gustaf
House Othuf.png

Two Reekfish A Taste of Valor
Plathos Hyrule Field House Harkinian
House Plathos.png
Cucco Strength in Numbers
Ponoam Lost Woods House Rhoam
House Ponoam.png
Kinstone Skill Above All Else
Rasphadi Lost Woods House Rhoam
House Rasphadi.png
Unicorn's Fountain Trust In the Goddesses
Remoth Lost Woods House Rhoam
House Remoth.png
Orhat Legacy Above Pride
Rhoam Lost Woods None
House Rhoam.png
Unicorn Head Through Myth, Through Truth
Rhodjria Hyrule Field House Harkinian
House Rhodjria.png
Silent Princess Flower

By Quill and Sword

Ruohn Lost Woods House Rhoam
House Ruohn.png
Dragon's Head March Until Dawn
Solen Coast of Airu House Daltus
House Solen.png
Gyorg No Foe Too Great
Soth Lost Woods House Rhoam
House Soth.png
Deku Tree We Stand Strong
Srolyn Snowpeak House Gustaf
House Srolyn.png
Woolly Rhino Beware My Rage *Exiled
Taban Snowpeak House Gustaf
House Taban.png
Gray Wolf Loyal to the End *Exiled
Trinon Coast of Airu House Daltus
House Trinon.png
Gleeok We Guard the Land
Vryciaro Vigjaro Glade House Harkinian
House Vryciaro.png

Grapes Sow Ambition, Reap Success
Whod Coast of Airu House Daltus
House Whod.png
Sand Dollar Until the End Of Days
Yettu Coast of Airu House Daltus
House Yettu.png
Seagull I Am the Storm
Yonadi Coast of Airu House Daltus
House Yonadi.png
Sailing Ship Chasing the Horizon



  • Akkalan Builder
  • Wind Tribe Architect (Gustaf)


  • Akkalan Runner
  • Loftwing Runner (Gustaf)
  • Akkalan Warrior
  • Wind Tribe Warrior (Gustaf)
  • Minish Mischief (Rhoam)
  • Akkalan Pikeman
  • Wind Tribe Pikeman (Gustaf)
  • Minish Subverter (Rhoam)
  • Gust Guard
  • Tabanthan Wolf
  • Akkalan Cavalry
  • Rhoamian Unicorn (Rhoam)
  • Minish Armos (Rhoam)
  • Akkalan Knight
  • Nohansen Longbowman (Nohansen)
  • Nohansen Mage (Nohansen)
  • Mage Knight of Daltus (Daltus)
  • Akkalan Paladin
  • Hero's Herald
  • Harkinian Cannon (Harkinian)

Hero Units



  • Gohdan


  • The symbol of Akkala is based on the Wingcrest, an emblem used to represent Hyrule throughout the Legend of Zelda series, having first appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.