Aidaidorf is a Gerudo city and pilgrim site built around the Desert Colossus and Spirit Temple, located in the Haunted Wasteland approximately 25 miles northwest of Ashinon.


Aidaidorf has its origins in Desert Colossus and the Spirit Temple within. A religious site and tomb complex built in the likeness of Kovaloo, First Sage of Spirits, the Temple was the most sacred resting ground of ancient Gerudo kings and warlords, and a town grew around the Temple to service and house the many pilgrims visiting to meditate and honor the dead. Isolated in the lifeless expanses of the Haunted Wasteland, the pilgrim trade continues to be the lifeblood of the remote settlement. Under the direction of Koume and Kotake, the secrets of the Spirit Temple were unearthed and resurrected by the Gerudo Wind Witches, bringing a new life to the ancient town as Wind Witches journeyed into the desert depths to search for ancient relics of the Gerudo's lost Golden Age.

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