Gerudo Adiela Gerudo





c. 72 AG
Gerudo Desert


Ganondorf (son)
Urbosa (granddaughter)
Makeela Riju (granddaughter)

Adiela is the birth mother of the Gerudo Prince Ganondorf.


First Golden Age

In 71 AG, over seventy years after Ganon's curse left the Gerudo without a male, a son is unexpectedly born to Adiela. She names him Ganondorf (meaning phantom of Ganon), as despite the curse he still managed to be born. The living Gerudo men, his father included, are all old at this point, and none survives long after his birth.

Because Ganondorf is still a boy when he becomes sole member of the Circle of Warlords, Adiela is appointed as regent to lead the Gerudo until he grows up. Her regency doesn't last long: she mysteriously dies a few months into Ganondorf's reign. At this point, the Twinrova sisters adopt Ganondorf as their own son and become his co-regents.

Behind the Scenes

  • Though unconfirmed by UndyingNephalim, it is likely that Adiela was killed by Twinrova so that she could raise Ganondorf as a surrogate mother.
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Circle of Warlords (de jure)
Ruler of the Gerudo (de facto)
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